Guest Journal

David"Maybe it's easiest to look back on the highlights of our stay from the eyes of our three year old. On the last morning, there was the doe and two fawns right outside the window, looking like perfect pets to adopt (discouraged by mom). There was having her own real bed in her own room, “almost like camping out,” even though the Langston House isn’t even close to ‘rustic’ in terms of comforts. Seeing a real owl, close-up, in the daytime was cool, and the pre-dawn wildlife walk was on the edge of scary, even though we saw only friendly deer, and heard some distant coyotes. We built a log fort in the woods, and looked for animal tracks and crawfish along the creek. Certainly helping dad land a bunch of trout, and learning the difference between brooks and browns, was a highlight. But though she doesn’t know it yet, the real highlight was spending all day together, as a family, with no cell phones and no deadlines and just a big, long Montana summer day spread out in front of us. In time, she’ll come to slow down and appreciate that, too—but for now, she’d rather gently tickle the fins of a few more 'sparkly' trout."
- David from Montana

"Whenever I leave this place, I take with me a sense of contentment and peace: part landscape, part people I think. There are extra special places on this earth that just grab you and make you stop and take notice. This is definitely one of those places—it’s not just the mountains or the creeks or the lush grasses but something more. The people who live in this place do the same—welcome you in and just let you be yourself and feel at home."
- Genevieve from North Carolina

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